Draft Maps

December 5th update: Council selected Map #105

At its December 5th meeting, the City Council held a public hearing and then introduced an ordinance selecting Map #105.
On December 19th another public hearing will be held, to be followed by a final vote on the ordinance.

Map 105 PDF map and demographic profile.

Election Sequence: Districts 2 and 3 will hold elections in 2018. Districts 1 and 4 will hold elections in 2020.

Interactive Map Viewer


Other Draft Maps
For each draft plan, there are links to an Adobe PDF file containing a map and demographic profile, along with an interactive map that will allow you to zoom in and out to see plan details (even down to the individual house).

The Council wants to know not just which map(s) you like or dislike, but why you feel that way about each map. These are the first drafts, not necessarily the final maps, and future versions can include revisions aimed at addressing the concerns raised by residents.

Please take the time to look at them and share your thoughts, either by email to Lompoc@NDCresearch.com, by letter, at a Council meeting, or using the contact form.

And, as a reminder, you can still draw your own revisions to any of the posted Draft Maps. See the “Draw a Map” page for instructions and data to do so.

Draft Maps

Comments from plan submitters (Updated 11/13/2017)

This PDF file provides the comments from each member of the public who drew and submitted a map. These comments provide insight into the goals and focus of each map.

Interactive Map Viewer

This viewer is an easy-to-use way to review and compare maps. It allows you to zoom in and out on the map details, and to change the base map from streets to satellite view or topographical maps. But it does not allow you to create or edit a map.

Maps and Demographics for Printing

Each of the following PDF files contains two pages: the first is a map and the second is a demographic profile of the districts in that map.

Map 101

Map 102

Map 103

Map 104

Map 105

Map 106

Map 107

Map 108

Map 109

Map 110 (Not population balanced) (added 11/13/2017)

Map 111 (added 11/13/2017)

Election Sequencing

Whichever map is chosen, two districts must be assigned to 2018 elections and two to 2020 elections.

Maps 105 through 109 do not put any Councilmembers who are on different election cycles, so their election year assignments are straighforward. Maps 101 through 104 pair Councilmembers who are on different election cycles, so if one of those maps is selected Council must decide to which year the district(s) with the pairing(s) will be assigned.

Election Sequencing Options List (Updated 11/13/2017)